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Platinum blue dream strain

Platinum Blue Dream strain - a top-shelf hybrid known for its potent effects. Dive into blissful relaxation and uplift your mood with every hit.

Poison Durban strain

Unleash the power of Poison Durban strain with its energizing buzz and sweet aroma. Explore the origins and benefits of this iconic sativa-dominant hybrid. Durban, a port city in South Africa, is the source of this pure sativa. Thanks to its energizing, uplifting effects and delicious scent, it has become increasingly popular globally. When you need a creative boost, to be productive throughout a hectic day, or to explore the outdoors, Durban Poison is the ideal strain. This strain is a great option for concentrate extraction because of its large resin glands, which will appeal to both growers and concentrate enthusiasts. Nearly every part of the plant has a thick layer of trichomes left on it by the chunky, rounded buds.